Stage molton

Stage molton

Stage molton, PRO & EURO Molton, Stage felt

The black stage molton is IBENA’s best selling product. Each year IBENA supplies thousands of miles of this fabric to customers all over the world. The deep black colour, opaqueness and attractive surface are essential features. IBENA stage molton has become an irreplaceable accessory for the stages of the world to create  uniform backdrops fast and at low cost. When opaqueness is not an issue IBENA deco molton is an excellent option.

Not only the black IBENA stage molton is highly popular – also the grey one is a favourite and is used as back covering of digital prints, as well as a blue or green box as background in movie studios.

PRO MOLTON, article 9719 - consists of 74% cotton and 26% viscose: therefore made from 100% natural raw materials. The viscose makes this molton very soft and the product can be torn. Our Euro Molton with polyester content is three times as tear resistant as normal stage molton - PRO Molton has a very similar tear resistance to normal cotton molton. Since the yarn is already bought in black, we do not need to dye the goods and can thus keep the costs lower.

PRO MOLTON LIGHT, article 9729 - black Molton does not always have to be super opaque, but it should be more opaque than the normal Decomolton. For this application, there is now a cheaper 270 gsm product, which is soft & drapable and can be torn well.

IBENA EURO Molton is a 320 g/sqm molleton made from 64% cotton and 36% polyester. The polyester part makes it very dimensionally stable, tear-resistant and, moreover, very opaque!

If some area just has to be decorated quickly & cheaply, our Stage Felt would be ideal. With 320 cm this article 9015 is pretty wide and even though it weighs only about 200 g/m², it is very opaque and permanently flame retardant - so it can get wet.