Muslin / Shirting

Plain-weave cotton fabric / Shirting

Cotton fabric, voile, shirting, Muslin Canvas

When producing theater horizons or photo backgrounds it is often essential to create a seamless design. This can only be realized on super-wide weaving looms. IBENA offers 200 g heavy cotton fabric in widths up to 10 m (32') – and the 80 g lightweight cotton scrim in widths of up to 620 cm (20') ! These extreme widths are also available in small quantities with tailor-made dyeing. And, of course, they are flame-retardant.

In smaller width this cotton fabric is often used for coverings, draperies, cyclo or screens with frame. Not flame-retardant raw material is often used as canvas for painting with acrylic paint or spray-painting. There is no limit to the applications!