Fabric for object protection

A protective textile wall

There is a number of possibilities to protect objects – especially machinery: by reconstruction, or additional protective equipment, etc. However, it has to be considered that in many cases a lot of measures are not allowed on structural, legal or other reasons. This is the decisive moment for a textile protective solution!

Quality certification:

Protection objects and machinery                                             FAR test optional

Your assets – our protection

Textile object protection has many faces. Welder’s screens protect the workers, while concertina walls for special machines and welding robots ensure failsafe function of the machines. Without these protections – for which IBENA provides the field-experienced product – this hard work could not be done.

Other applications of our textile object protection focus on the avoidance of danger or failures. So-called fire blockers are mandatory safety mechanisms in aircrafts and public transport. Of course, our solutions are perfectly adjusted to the different applications.

Wrapped in safety ...

Our standard solutions for textile object protection consist of:

-   Preox fabrics
-   Preox blended fabrics
-   Preox blended fabrics with aluminium coating

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Fabrics for object protection.
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