CS Muslin

CS - Muslin

Unfortunately many decorative fabrics are thrown away after one-time use. There is a broad range of applications, though, when fabrics are rented and cleaned after use. Cotton fabrics are not suited for this purpose because the flame-retardant properties are lost after laundry. Fabrics made of inherently flame retardant fibres – such as IBENA CS fabrics – can be laundered again and again and still comply with all fire protection standards.

The range of application is wide: many VIP tents at major events around the globe are decorated with CS fabric to provide a cosy atmosphere in an otherwise bare tent. Even the Formula 1 teams have the insides of their pit lane boxes covered with these fabrics, or the hospitality tents of the Olympic Games in London. Not only large tent fabrics but also tablecloth or decorative chair covers are made of CS muslin.